How Can We Help?

The Church in Muthill believes we have a calling to serve our community, just as Jesus came not to be served but to serve.  The following are some of the ways in which we try to be of service.


The Churches are popular for weddings, big and small.  Muthill is much larger than Trinity Gask, but each is different and can offer a different experience.  You don’t have to be a member of the Church of Scotland to be married here, but the services conducted will be a religious service, with Christian prayers and readings from the Bible, perhaps worship and vows taken before God.  Therefore the minister will inquire about how meaningful that kind of service will be to couples, and how important it is to them to be married in the eyes of God and not just the eyes of the law.  There are fees for the organist if required and the Church Officer, and a donation for the use of the building.  Contact the Minister for more information.  

Baptisms / Blessings

The Church family welcomes the children of believers into the fellowship through the sacrament of Baptism or a service of Blessing.  Baptism requires the parents to make a clear commitment to bring their child up in the Christian Faith, and is appropriate where at least one parent is a member of the Church, a regularly attending adherent, or intending to Join.  Blessing may be appropriate where the parents are not able to make that commitment but want nevertheless to seek God’s blessing on their family.  Sometimes parents want their children to experience Baptism as a conscious act in adulthood and will prefer a Dedication service instead.  These options can all be discussed with the Minister who will help parents to decide what they are seeking.  The Church tries to encourage and help parents fulfil their vows by providing Creche, Sunday School and Youth Groups.  All teachers and helpers have the necessary child protection disclosures.  


As a Parish Church, we are called and obliged to provide the ordinances of religion to all in the Parish who seek them, including, sadly when required, Funeral Services.  In the case of a bereavement the first step should be to contact a local Undertaker and let them know that you want the service in the Parish Church.  The Undertaker will then inform the Church who will be in touch to make the necessary arrangements.

Local Undertakers:

Hall Rental

Muthill Church has a hall which is available for hire for community use.  The Church is surrounded by off road parking.  The hall can comfortably seat around 50 around tables.  There is a kitchen with modern facilities, including coffee maker, dish washer, fridge and freezer, two sinks, hot water urn and food preparation surfaces, with a hatch to the hall.  Disabled access is by the main door with no steps, disabled toilet with baby changing facilities is also available.  Contact the Church to discuss rates.


We print our own orders of service, newsletter and other publicity materials with a UTAX A4 colour laser printer operated by a dedicated and trained team.  We would like to make this facility available to others in the community at competitive rates that cover our costs.  If it is something you or your organisation may be interested in contact the Church for more information.